The Benefits of Having Renters Insurance

The Benefits of Having Renters Insurance

Recent storms around the state have people scrambling to protect their belongings. It is situations like this, plumbing issues, or fires that cause people to need a variety of insurance. Can you be sure your property owners will cover all of your losses if you’re a renter in the event of a flood? What if you are displaced for a prolonged period or have valuables that do not get covered? With renters insurance, you have a low-cost way to get peace of mind and protect your valuables. In this week’s blog post, hear about the benefits of having renters insurance from Windfall Insurance Services, Inc. in San Diego, CA.

Items Covered by Renters Insurance

jan1Of course, your property owner may have their own coverage, but it can sometimes be limited, particularly if you’re at fault. For the most part, renters insurance is there to cover your personal belongings in your apartment in the event of an accident. In some cases, renters insurance will cover external items to the home. Furthermore, if you cause damage that extends to a neighboring unit, you can use renters insurance to help cover the costs. Someone may fall or injure yourself on the property and you may be liable. If this is the case, you can help fund their medical bills. Here are some other things that renters insurance may be able to help cover:

  • Natural disasters like fire or lightening from a storm;
  • Floods and damages from water;
  • Buying new items lost in a robbery;
  • Marks or breakages caused by acts of vandalism;
  • Losses from smoke or storm winds; or,
  • Freezing caused by snowstorm damage.

Do I Really Need Renters Insurance?

Many landlords these days have gotten savvy and require renters to have their own insurance. In addition, it’s not that expensive and can usually be bundled for a discount on your auto insurance. Think of the peace of mind you can have for a mere $10-$15 a month! That is much less than the cost of paying for an expensive loss or medical bill. Some plans even cover your valuables during travel or that get left in storage units. Another great benefit is that renters insurance plans can help protect you from identity theft and replace your cards if they’re stolen.

Get Help Finding the Right Renters Insurance in San Diego, CA

Windfall Insurance Services, Inc. can help you review multiple quotes and understand the fine print of your renters insurance offers. Plans can be tricky once you factor in deductibles, coverage limits, and exclusions. Our staff are eager to help you learn more and compare rates, just reach out any time to our San Diego, CA office.

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