How to Save Money on Auto Insurance

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How to Save Money on Auto Insurance


Lately, as inflation spikes, many are looking for ways to save. Your auto insurance is a great place to start looking at both saving money, and ensuring you have the adequate protection you need. The team at Windfall Insurance Services, Inc. in San Diego, CA can help you review and compare various insurance plans. We’ll…

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What is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?


Are you interested in purchasing a life insurance policy, and confused about which type of policy to buy in order to best suit your needs? If you are leaning towards choosing a life insurance policy that has a certain amount of flexibility with lifelong coverage and has the potential for growth, you might want to…

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How Does an Umbrella Insurance Policy Work?


Most people buy a basic insurance policy to protect themselves, their family, and their valuable assets. Having an umbrella insurance policy provides additional security against the risk of getting sued for damages to other people’s property and for damages caused by injuries from an accident and goes beyond a typical automobile or homeowners insurance policy.…

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The Importance of Business Liability Insurance


Business liability protects a business against the cost of injury, property damage claims or any other type of issue resulting from normal business operations. It is intended to safeguard a company’s finances if they encounter a lawsuit or claim from a third party. If you are a business owner in San Diego, California, and have…

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