Do I Need Rental Car Insurance?

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Chances are that if you have previously rented a car for personal or business reasons, an agent from the company attempted to sell you their rental car insurance. Many people wonder if this is a necessary supplementary expense or if their personal auto insurance policy will cover any issues that may arise. Deciding whether or…

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What is Fire Insurance?

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What Is Fire Insurance? With the rising increase of fire danger in southern California, many people are wondering how to protect themselves and their belongings from damages caused by wildfires and if their homeowners insurance policy will still cover them in a fire. If you live in the San Diego, California area, and have questions…

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Understanding Insurance Needs During Retirement

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Understanding Your Insurance Needs During Retirement When you begin to near retirement, your financial goals and priorities are likely to change, and so will your insurance requirements. As you begin to transition into retirement, it will be necessary to begin reviewing your current insurance policies and making necessary adjustments to better meet your needs. If…

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Why Have My Insurance Rates Increased?


Why Are My Insurance Rates Rising? As you probably have noticed, your insurance premiums have more than likely increased over the past year. There are numerous reasons that have caused these rate hikes, making it more important than ever to review your insurance policies with your agent to make sure that you are appropriately covered…

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What Are My Insurance Options If I Am Relocating?

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Have you been thinking about relocating from your current dwelling, and curious about what you need to do in order to prepare for this step? When you start to make moving arrangements, you more than likely will need to think about packing up your belongings, hiring people to help you move, and transferring your renters or…

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What Is Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

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Are you in the process of financing or leasing a vehicle, and wondering if you need full auto insurance coverage? Some lenders may require you to have full coverage auto insurance, which consists of a combination of insurance coverages to help protect the driver of the automobile, their vehicle, as well as any other vehicles…

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What Type Of Weather Does Home Insurance Cover?

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What Type Of Weather Does Home Insurance Cover? Winter rain storms, flooding, and other types of weather may sometimes cause significant damage to your property. As weather patterns continue to shift and conditions become more harsh, insurance losses due to changes in weather have increased. If you are living in San Diego, California, and wondering…

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Loan Vs. Insured Amount – How Much Coverage Is Needed?

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How Much Coverage Is Needed? Getting the appropriate insurance coverage can be very confusing for any policyholder. Many potential borrowers wonder what the difference is between their loan costs and their amount of insurance expenses. Although understanding the difference between loan amounts and insured amounts can be complicated, it is crucial for policyholders to understand…

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