What Is The Importance of Life Insurance?


No matter what your personal situation may be, having a life insurance policy is important because it helps to provide financial assistance for your loved ones when you die. Fully understanding your life insurance policy is necessary so that you can plan your finances and make sure that the people in your life are taken…

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Why Are Homeowners Insurance Premiums Rising?

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If you own your own home and have recently renewed your homeowners insurance policy, you may have noticed that your insurance rate increased from previous years. If you are a homeowner in San Diego, California and were affected by more expensive insurance premiums this year, you are not alone in wondering why. The insurance specialists…

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Differences Between Homeowners Insurance and Renters Insurance


Although homeowners and renters insurance policies provide similar kinds of coverage by offering a policyholder financial protection in the event that an issue arises with a home, there are some clear differences between them. Because a renter does not own their residence, they do not need the same type of protection as someone who owns…

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Buying Flood Insurance in California


For many years, Californians have lived in a drought, making flood insurance the last thing on many people’s mind. Approximately 2% of Californians have flood insurance. The recent atmospheric river generated storms dropped millions of gallons of rain and flooded areas many people did not expect. This has caused significant heartache, as many homeowners are…

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The Benefits of Having Renters Insurance


Recent storms around the state have people scrambling to protect their belongings. It is situations like this, plumbing issues, or fires that cause people to need a variety of insurance. Can you be sure your property owners will cover all of your losses if you’re a renter in the event of a flood? What if…

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Covering Your Auto When Traveling to Mexico


One of the main perks of living in a border town includes how easy it is to drive into and relax in Mexico. As the holidays approach and people plan travel, one easier way to go is by car. If you are making plans to head to Mexico now or in the New Year, this…

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How to Save Money on Auto Insurance


Lately, as inflation spikes, many are looking for ways to save. Your auto insurance is a great place to start looking at both saving money, and ensuring you have the adequate protection you need. The team at Windfall Insurance Services, Inc. in San Diego, CA can help you review and compare various insurance plans. We’ll…

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What is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?


Are you interested in purchasing a life insurance policy, and confused about which type of policy to buy in order to best suit your needs? If you are leaning towards choosing a life insurance policy that has a certain amount of flexibility with lifelong coverage and has the potential for growth, you might want to…

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How Does an Umbrella Insurance Policy Work?


Most people buy a basic insurance policy to protect themselves, their family, and their valuable assets. Having an umbrella insurance policy provides additional security against the risk of getting sued for damages to other people’s property and for damages caused by injuries from an accident and goes beyond a typical automobile or homeowners insurance policy.…

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