How Is Inflation Impacting Insurance Coverage and Premiums?

How Is Inflation Impacting Insurance Coverage and Premiums?

Insurance companies need to evaluate many factors when determining their prices, such as the cost to repair homes and automobiles, trends in the industry, and the number of claims that they receive. If those costs rise, then the price of insurance premiums will likely rise also. This has many policyholders concerned about their premium costs, and if they can continue to afford to protect their valuable assets. If you have questions about inflation and the cost of your insurance premiums in San Diego, California, Windfall Insurance Services Inc. can help. Read on to learn more about the impacts of inflation on insurance coverage and premiums.

How Inflation Increases Insurance Rates

familyInflation is currently at an all time high, and it is causing costs in every sector to rise. Additionally, since the pandemic, there has been a labor shortage and supply and demand issues, which have all contributed to the increasing prices of vehicles, housing materials, home repair, etc. Some of the major factors that are contributing to the current higher prices in the insurance industry are increased labor costs in the auto industry due to worker shortages, a computer chip shortage that is causing the prices of cars and their repairs to rise, and a spike in construction materials that is causing home building and repair to be more expensive. Insurance companies need to value items at their most up-to-date and accurate cost, so as prices increase, insurance companies need to reevaluate their programs when it is time to renew. Since there has been such a significant increase in costs due to inflation, policyholders should expect their premiums to increase as well.

Is There a Way To Reduce Your Insurance Premiums?

Even with the increase in insurance premiums due to inflation, there can be ways to help lower your insurance costs. To help you save money on auto insurance, you can speak with your agent to see if you qualify for any discounts, (a good driving record and certain careers offer eligibility for discounts), and check to see if you have coverage you no longer need. You can also lower your auto coverage by bundling with a home insurance policy and by increasing your deductible. Some ways to help you save money on home insurance include shopping for other insurance agencies that have similar policies at a lower cost, bundling your home insurance with other policies, (which help you to avoid paying separate premiums for each policy), increasing your deductible, and looking at other payment options such as paying a full year upfront or having your payments deducted automatically. You may also want to check if you qualify for any discounts for homeowners, such as having good credit and having a steady period of time without making a claim.

If you have questions about your insurance policies and the impacts of inflation, contact Windfall Insurance Services Inc. in San Diego, California today for a consultation.

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