Covering Your Auto When Traveling to Mexico

Covering Your Auto When Traveling to Mexico

One of the main perks of living in a border town includes how easy it is to drive into and relax in Mexico. As the holidays approach and people plan travel, one easier way to go is by car. If you are making plans to head to Mexico now or in the New Year, this week’s post is for you. Windfall Insurance Services, Inc. in San Diego, CA is here to help you get protection for your vehicle when traveling to Mexico.

Making Sure You get the Right Auto Coverage

luis-ramirez-qmEg4vbOKzw-unsplashMany United States auto insurance plans do not cover your car from the moment you drive into Mexico or another country. For this reason, make sure you get proper and official auto insurance for Mexico travel. The process may be somewhat similar to getting insurance in the U.S.  You can contact our team to make sure you are working with an authorized Mexico Auto Insurance agency. We can help you review what coverage to get including liability, accident, comprehensive coverage, bodily injury coverage, roadside assistance, legal assistance, and more. We recommend you contact us as soon as you start planning your trip.

Do you plan to come and go from Mexico in your car? It’s important to get coverage that will remain in effect during the whole period of your commute. Check out whether you can get coverage to use as needed.

Ensuring You Act and Plan Appropriately

In addition to applying for auto insurance, you need to make sure that you plan for your trip and follow the laws while using your Mexico coverage. If you are found violating a rule or driving under the influence, your coverage can be nullified. For this reason, make sure you understand the language, signs, and laws for drivers in Mexico. You should plan to carry cash in the currency of Mexico. If you plan to be remote on your trip, bring emergency supplies to get by on the road and make basic repairs if you need. It may take a while for help to arrive, and we recommend ensuring you have roadside assistance.

How to Demonstrate You Have Coverage

After securing your Mexico auto coverage, make multiple copies of all your identification documents and proof of coverage. You should also be sure you have a reliable point of contact to call in case there’s any issue at the Mexico auto insurance agency. Carry along important phone numbers to the local embassy and emergency services, as well.

Windfall Insurance Services, Inc. is here in sunny San Diego, CA to answer any questions you have about Mexico Auto Insurance or travel in Mexico—call us as soon as you start to plan your trip!

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