Buying Flood Insurance in California

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Buying Flood Insurance in California


For many years, Californians have lived in a drought, making flood insurance the last thing on many people’s mind. Approximately 2% of Californians have flood insurance. The recent atmospheric river generated storms dropped millions of gallons of rain and flooded areas many people did not expect. This has caused significant heartache, as many homeowners are…

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The Benefits of Having Renters Insurance


Recent storms around the state have people scrambling to protect their belongings. It is situations like this, plumbing issues, or fires that cause people to need a variety of insurance. Can you be sure your property owners will cover all of your losses if you’re a renter in the event of a flood? What if…

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Covering Your Auto When Traveling to Mexico


One of the main perks of living in a border town includes how easy it is to drive into and relax in Mexico. As the holidays approach and people plan travel, one easier way to go is by car. If you are making plans to head to Mexico now or in the New Year, this…

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